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Western Cape, South Africa


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We like volunteers. They are usually very interesting people from all over the world who love nature and wildlife and bring a variety of skills and lots of enthusiasm. So if you would like to come out, here's some information that you might find useful:

Our aim is to make sure that we get the help we need and you get the experience you want. How it works: You help us in a range of different tasks for a minimum of two weeks and an average of six hours a day. In return you get free accommodation and meals, and the opportunity to explore a beautiful part of the world.

There are usually various projects going on at the same time and you will be able to join the ones you are most interested in and have the skill set for, but will at times also be required to work in other projects if help is needed. So you need to bring a degree of flexibility. Some of the tasks include maintenance work (trails, buildings, etc), gardening (veg and indigenous plant garden, orchard), guest house related work (washing, cleaning, cooking, etc) and research / conservation work (usually some kind of field work e.g. helping ringing birds). Some projects are quite seasonal, e.g. there is lots of work in the orchard from November to February when fruit is harvested and processed. Hours of work depend on the project you're working on and vary considerably, from lots of work on some days to nothing at all on others. We like to think that we live rather than work and enjoy what we're doing. So we hope you will too.

We live in a remote area and usually only go to town once a week. Therefore you will be spending most of your time off doing things you can do out here, such as going for a walk, watching wildlife, reading a book or lazing about (occasionally!)

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Checklist of things to pack and bring for your stay at Blue Hill Escape

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Clearing alien vegetation - in this case Prickly Pear


Making a flower pot; and doing some building

Watering the garden - which anyone can do!