Blue Hill Escape


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Wildlife of the Tambopata - an overview

by Alan Lee
Curious Tamandua
Mud-puddling interrupted
Blue-and-gold macaws in flight
Chestnut-fronted macaws on the wing
Cobalt-winged parakeet activity at Posada colpita
Cobalt-winged parakeet flush from El Gato colpa
Red-and-green macaw acrobatics
Early morning flush
Macaws preparing to descend
Macaw doing the bat impression
Green-wing macaw faces off to a Scarlet macaw
Excitement in the air
Shy Red-and-green macaw
Sunset macaw silhouette
Macaw face among wings
Emerald Boa at rest
The friendly Chironius
A posed Rainbow Boa
A new face - Dusky titi monkey
No way up for this Capuchin
Brown Capuchin breakfast
Monkey Lizard, Piedras
Greater yellow-headed vulture
Juvenile pacman frog
Red-and-green macaw portrait
Ready for the sumersault
A Scarlet macaw lands